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The Geek shall inherit the Earth??

posted Dec 31, 2012, 12:05 PM by Rolfe James

Modern society is massively complex.

Do you know someone who has sent an embarrassing email or picture message to the wrong person, or misunderstood the privacy settings on their Facebook or Twitter feeds? How many of your friends know what really happens when you push the power button on your PC?

It wasn’t so long ago that most people completely understood every aspect of their tools — and this reflected in their proficiency with these tools. Today, there probably isn’t a single person alive who could tell you exactly how to make an LCD monitor, let alone a whole computer — and likewise, there are very few people who know how to properly use a computer. A modern personal computer outputs more data and has more functionality than a 1970s supercomputer that would be operated by a dozen engineers — and yet in today’s always-connected, ubiquitously digital world, we expect a single, relatively uneducated person to somehow use these devices effectively.

And yet somehow… miraculously… it actually works. Yes, people still screw up and crash their car while texting, or get malware on their computer, but for the most part we make incredibly good use of our tools. Despite the occasional faux pas, we do seem to make surprisingly good use of our technologies.

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