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21st Century Libruary...

posted Jan 26, 2013, 3:44 AM by Rolfe James   [ updated Jan 26, 2013, 7:48 PM ]
Libraries start providing e-books!!

I love books and am an avid reader and an avid audio book 'reader'. I've not yet made the e-book transition, mostly because the technology is not quite there yet.

It's getting better but there are for me too may restrictions on content format and presentation for me to change. I used to love
libraries, they were the place I went to find 'new' authors. Some where I could 'try' an author before buying. And I do buy and read a lot

Libraries have always had and I guess deserved a reputation for being reserved old fashioned and odd places. In the late '80s I knew that Staffordshire
libraries had an interconnected computer system, they often used it for me to see if a book I wanted was available in one of the other county librarys. A good system, it worked well. But when I asked if this wonderful search facility was available on the internet (online as we would say now) to the public they looked at me as if I came from Mars!
I'm very pleased to see that libraries now are generally welcoming new technology, they really need to to survive. And they do, I believe provide a fantastic service to society. Perthshire do now offer ebooks, have a look on line .
Ars Technica also have an interesting article on ebooks at take a look. The pricing model might not be right, but it's a start.